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  • Our Balancing Facial Toner is formulated to help tighten and tone skin, add moisture and restore the delicate PH balance necessary for healthy skin.

    Simple and Natural ingredients are combined to ensure a clean and radiant complexion. Organic Rose Hydrosol provide a fresh floral scent as well as imparting balancing and toning qualities. 

    This toner will calm and clean the skin in preparation for any face serums or moisturizers. 



    Rose Hydrosol: anti-bacterial, anti-aging, tones, balances skin PH level, anti-inflammatory, calms, protects from sun damage and other skin irritants


    Witch Hazel Extract: anti inflammatory, astringent, tones, minimizes pores, reduces puffiness

    How to use

    After cleansing skin either close eyes and mist toner directly onto skin or spray on to a cotton ball and rub lightly on to face. Allow your skin a few seconds to soak up all of the amazing properties. Can be misted onto face through out day as needed. 




    Balancing Facial Toner

    SKU: A6-19
    • Rose hydrosol, witch hazel, aloe vera juice, glycerin, geranium essential oil.

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