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Hi, my name is Rozana Veltman, certified aroma-therapist, reflexologist and Bach flower therapist.

I live in Atlanta with my “organic” husband, three kids, a dog and lots of plants.
I have always related to holistic medicine, a connection between the body and the soul, and the belief that the body can heal itself.

I believe that when plants and people connect, perfect harmony and balance are achieved.


I started Tamalia Naturals in 2016 with the goal of using my knowledge for bringing you the best that nature has to offer, by creating 100% natural skincare products for the body and soul that anyone can enjoy at home.

As mothers, we are constantly looking for the healthiest and highest quality products for us and for our families. We all want to consume healthy and nutritious food, in the same way, our skincare products are just as important. 


When body and soul are well fed, the connection between health and beauty is formed.


At Tamalia Naturals, we create the highest quality natural care products while using all the gifts that Mother Nature has to offer – medicinal herbs, cold-pressed essential oils and so much more. Our wonderful and unique scents provide not only deep skin cleansing but also a perfect refreshing experience. We are constantly learning and using our acquired knowledge for developing new products for the whole family.

  • We sell healthy, certified all natural, organic and non-GMO skincare products handmade in Johns  Creek, Georgia 

  • We believe what you put on your body is just as important as what goes in your body

  • Our products are made with the earth in mind so they contain no harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances, preservatives or artificial colorants

  • All our products are also cruelty-free and vegan

  • Our natural skincare products are handmade in small batches to ensure distinction in quality and optimal freshness.

A lot of thought and effort have been put into crafting our products and I know you will enjoy them.




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